Chris Coyier On What We Don’t Know.

2 Comments Posted: October 26, 2011

Just wanted to give an additional plug to the latest post by Chris Coyier over at CSS-Tricks. In one of my first posts, I said that one of the most important things to know was what you don’t actually know, and how to appropriately deal with those unknowns. Well, Chris has gathered a whole bunch of them up in a post entitled (appropriately enough) What We Don’t Know. ┬áThe great thing about it is that it not only tells what we don’t know, it also gives a quick overview of what we do (or at least should be doing) about it. It’s a quick read, but it’s got quite a bit of good stuff in it. Go read it, if you haven’t already. Now.

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  • Thanks for reading the article Warren. The bigger the web gets, the more devices that have the web on them, the wider the demographic that uses the web is, the less the know about the exact circumstances a user is in when they visit our site. Modern web design is all about trying our best to accommodate that.

    • Warren says:

      Agreed. I think the best thing in your article was that you covered the things we don’t know about the user themselves, rather than just their hardware. Audience analysis (aka examining your user) is one of the big things I learned in my rhetorical studies, and it was good to see it given its due.

      Oh, and thanks for the comment!

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